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Oral Presentation Judging Criteria

Presentations: 10–11:30 a.m, Friday, February 14

Time restrictions: 10-minute presentation & 2-minutes for Q&A

  1. Scientific Thought (30 Points)

    Does the project show evidence of well‐organized work, proper use of scientific methods in investigating the problem, and are concepts and investigations clearly demonstrated?

  2. Skill and Thoroughness (20 points)

    Does the project show evidence of careful workmanship, and a clearly organized presentation of the steps taken in conducting the investigation and presenting results and conclusions?

  3. Presentation Quality (20 points)
    Is the presentation organized and conveyed in a manner that is easily understood, with an appropriate format that commands the attention and interest of the audience?

  4. Presentation Delivery (20 Points)
    Does the presenter respond fluently to questions regarding his/her work? Does the presenter display a strong understanding of the information and the topic?

  5. Creative Ability (10 Points)
    Does the project show originality of thinking and investigation of an original idea?

Total Points Possible: 100 Points

Students participating in the Oral Presentation Competition will be provided a laptop computer and clicker. If there are any other concerns, please be sure to contact Travis Griffin (

Download a PDF version of the Oral Presentation Judging Criteria.